How To Choose A Monument:



When we lose someone dear to us, we try to find ways to keep them alive in our hearts. That is why memorials are so important. The following are condiersations prior to monument selection:

  • Symbol of love and family heritage.
  • Faith and religion.
  • For what talents, accomplishments, achievements or hobbies are they best remembered?
  • Where were their favorite places to vacation or spend time with family and friends?



Alternative Markers

Mausoleums & Columbariums

Civic Memorials


Granite memorials are avaliable ina variety of colors, from commonly avaliable colors to rare granites from around the world..

1) Artisian Rose 2) Bahama Blue 3) Barre Gray 4) Canadian Mahogany 5) Carnelian 6) Gem Mist 7) India Red 8) Jet Black 9) Mountain Rose Pink 10) Paradiso



With an etching we can incorporate a picture of a family farm, home, nature scene, or even a portrait into a memorials.

Carvings and Sculptures

Our artisans use the latest stonework technology and carving techniques to produce a memorial of exquisite beauty and unparalled quality.